Upsell & Marketing 

Master the tools that make more revenue 

With ThinkReser­va­tions’ pow­er­ful book­ing engine and Whistle’s auto­mat­ed messaging—you can eas­i­ly cre­ate bet­ter guest expe­ri­ences and increase sales.

What is upsell and how can it bring in extra revenue?

Start promoting and profiting

Cre­ate per­son­al­ized cam­paigns that tar­get guests with room upgrades, spa ser­vices, on-prop­er­ty restau­rants, room ser­vice and more. 

Send custom emails that convert 

With ThinkReser­va­tions you have the abil­i­ty to cre­ate an unlim­it­ed num­ber of cus­tom email tem­plates to have on hand.

Pro tip:

Upsell items and packages 

Offer your guests the ben­e­fit of upgrad­ing their stay before they com­plete the reser­va­tion through our hotel book­ing engine software. 

Pro tip:

Upgrade guests automatically 

You’re also able to cre­ate email rules that result in cer­tain email tem­plates being sent auto­mat­i­cal­ly at defined timeframes. 

Pro tip:

Offer promotions & discounts 

See up to 100% increase in rev­enue with on-prop­er­ty pro­mo­tions, pack­ages, and dis­counts. With Whistle’s upsell mar­ket­place it’s easy to cre­ate, edit and pro­mote experiences. 

Features your bottom line will love

Instant charge-to-folio

Auto­mat­i­cal­ly have charges post­ed from guest pur­chas­es direct­ly to the guest’s folio.

Point-of-sale integration

Get instant con­nec­tion to your Stripe or Light­speed account right from your dash­board and update prices in real-time across all your channels.

Automated upsell campaigns

Send guests auto­mat­ed mes­sages with a link to pur­chase a prod­uct or ser­vice set up in your cus­tomized ‘Upsell’ marketplace.

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