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Our mis­sion is to make your hotel suc­cess­ful and your guests engaged through­out their entire stay.

Christopher Hovanessian 

Chris is an inno­v­a­tive leader with a pas­sion. for rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing the hotel guest experience—and brings his ver­sa­tile skill-set and a pre­cise method­ol­o­gy to Whistle. 

Jonathan Rojas 

Jonathan is the co-Founder of Whis­tle Mes­sag­ing Inc. and is redefin­ing the hotel indus­try, ele­vat­ing the guest expe­ri­ence and upgrad­ing the tra­di­tion­al oper­a­tions through guest com­mu­ni­ca­tion technology. 

Brandie Jackson 

VP of Sales 
Brandie is high­ly expe­ri­enced in direct sales in the hos­pi­tal­i­ty sec­tor and known for build­ing pos­i­tive client rela­tions and ensur­ing con­tin­ued sat­is­fac­tion through­out the time of services. 

Madison Van Alst 

Client Suc­cess Manager 
Madi­son is an expe­ri­enced client rela­tions man­ag­er with a demon­strat­ed his­to­ry focused on Hos­pi­tal­i­ty and Tech­nol­o­gy. Skilled in coor­di­nat­ing and imple­ment­ing the use of a CRM sys­tem to help com­pa­nies stay con­nect­ed to clients, stream­line process­es, and improve prof­itabil­i­ty through tracking. 

Nic Flaws 

Direc­tor of Marketing 
Nic is a sea­soned brand builder with deep exper­tise in cre­ative direc­tion, digital/integrated cam­paigns, loy­al­ty pro­grams, and strate­gic devel­op­ment with focus­es on hos­pi­tal­i­ty, trav­el, inter­na­tion­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion and technology. 

Natassia Bogard 

Natas­sia is a for­mer Hotel Gen­er­al man­ag­er with exper­tise in all things Hos­pi­tal­i­ty. With inter­na­tion­al expe­ri­ence in Hotel pre-open­ings, cruise ships and food and bev­er­age, she has an unmatched love for the industry. 

Kevin Riggen 

Chief Tech­nol­o­gy Officer 

Brandon Dougherty 

Senior Soft­ware Engineer 

How we work

At every step, we are ded­i­cat­ed to our hotel clients—it’s what makes us different. 



With a quick demo you can get a real feel for our capa­bil­i­ties, pric­ing and we can iden­ti­fy your prop­er­ty’s spe­cif­ic needs. 



Whis­tle works with your PMS part­ner to inte­grate seamlessly. 



Easy, quick, and stress-free training/onboarding.



Con­tin­ued client suc­cess and sup­port when­ev­er you need it.

Great way to com­mu­ni­cate with our guests! We were email­ing peo­ple and as many as half nev­er checked or respond­ed to our mes­sages. I run a hotel and now guests are tex­ting that they want ear­ly check in or that they are 20 min­utes out. Before Whis­tle, we often had no warn­ing and would scram­ble to shift reser­va­tions around to acco­mo­date them. Now, we have time to accom­date most of them seem­less­ly. It has been a big help in guest sat­is­fac­tion. ☺It allows us to com­mu­ni­cate with guests by text mes­sage and have any­one respond back because our “phone num­ber” is actu­al­ly the Whis­tle Web­site. We have sev­er­al pre­pared tem­plates that allow us to mes­sage or respond to mul­ti­ple guests quick­ly. Whis­tle has an esca­latipn sys­tem which alerts us if a mes­sage received is not respond­ed to quick­ly so we are prompt with respons­es for the guests. It also merges with our prop­er­ty man­age­ment sys­tem! ☹While Whis­tle is pret­ty esay to use, I wish that they could stream­line the ini­tial com­mu­ni­ca­tion sys­tem a lit­tle. It’s okay, but I believe it could be easier.
Chance T.
Chance T.
Whis­tle is an easy prac­ti­cal solu­tion for com­mu­ni­cat­ing with your guests This is a great way for our guests to com­mu­ni­cate with the front desk as text is often the pre­ferred method for com­mu­ni­ca­tion these days. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] and his team are great and the prod­uct works great! ☺How easy it was to get start­ed and the very sim­ple and afford­able pric­ing plan. ☹When I first signed up the com­pa­ny still new so we had to work through a few things that they were still fig­ur­ing out.
Mark C.
Mark C.
Easy to use and com­mu­ni­cate with guests Huge ben­e­fit of cus­tomer ser­vice and improv­ing the guest expe­ri­ence! ☺Whis­tle was very easy to imple­ment at our bou­tique hotel and allows us to eas­i­ly com­mu­ni­cate with guests before, dur­ing, and after their stay with­out hav­ing an employ­ee on site 24/7. It was the solu­tion we need­ed! ☹At this time, I can­not think of any cons. It may be help­ful for us to be able to receive cred­it card info via the app and I wish our Think Reser­va­tions “tasks” list was acces­si­ble via Whis­tle. But we love the integration! 
Katie G.
Katie G.
Wood­stock­er’s review of Whistle Easy com­mu­ni­ca­tions with guests when no car­ri­er vio­la­tions take place ☺Ease of use and pro­duc­tiv­i­ty tar­gets enabled ☹The con­stant car­ri­er vio­la­tion issues — Frankly it defeats the pur­pose of the prod­uct. Whis­tle needs to resolve this and users should not be pay­ing for this res­o­lu­tion. It is part of the brand promise
Isabelle C.
Isabelle C.
Qual­i­ty Prod­uct with Great Features Great prod­uct love how all fea­tures have been thought out for prac­ti­cal uses in the indus­try. ☺We are in a mixed use prop­er­ty where are concierge staff pro­vide ser­vice to both hotel guests and build­ing res­i­dents. This sys­tem allows both to com­mu­ni­cate eas­i­ly with the Concierge. ☹Set­ting up some fea­tures is a bit com­pli­cat­ed. Bet­ter assis­tance in get­ting these set up would be appreciated. 
Jeff A.
Jeff A.
Great com­mu­ni­ca­tion tool We have defi­nate­ly increased pro­duc­tiv­i­ty of our front desk oper­a­tions with this addi­tion­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion tool. We are able to bet­ter com­mu­ni­cate between the house­keep­ing depart­ment and with Guests. It allows us to be more effi­cient in our dai­ly oper­a­tions as we are not spend­ing as much time on the phone. ☺We liked the abil­i­ty to be able to com­mu­ni­cate with our guests in a faster more effi­cient way. They did­n’t need to call us with requests, it could be texted. The Auto­mat­ic respons­es set up in the sys­tem also helped to answer the every­day ques­tions of Guests with­out us hav­ing to repeat the same infor­ma­tion over the phone. It stream­lined our process­es. ☹It does­n’t have a lost prop­er­ty fea­ture which oth­er prod­ucts offered. If a guest left some­thing in a room, the item could be record­ed in this pro­gram and thus fur­ther stream­line the process. Oth­er prod­ucts offered the abil­i­ty to have the pic­ture of the item, the address of the guests and the track­ing info once shipped all record­ed in the program.
Tania P.
Tania P.
Great way to get info to guests ☺imme­di­ate con­tact between me and guests as some peo­ple don’t want to be bom­bard­ed with e‑mails. Guests can ask ques­tions about their stay and update me as need­ed. They can request ser­vices or ask ques­tions and get a response with­out hav­ing to call me. ☹Some of the fea­tures are not avail­able or eas­i­ly maneu­ver­able via mobile phones or tablets. 
Monica E.
Mon­i­ca E.
Great Solu­tion for Post-Covid Touch­free Communication Post-Covid, we had to re-cre­ate our trade­mark friend­ly and help­ful atti­tude with cau­tion, masks and dis­tance. Whis­tle helped us bridge this gap and con­tin­ue with cheery, con­ver­sa­tion­al mes­sages with links to required forms like check-ins and menu selec­tions. ☺Easy to set up and cre­ate short friend­ly com­mu­ni­ca­tions. Well accept­ed by guests and staff. Easy to imbed links for forms to be com­plet­ed. ☹With Basic Plan, lim­it­ed to just three set times for var­i­ous mes­sages. Would pre­fer to have flex­i­bil­i­ty with send times and lim­it num­ber of text avail­able in Basic Plan — this would give the small busi­ness greater flexibility.
Michelle L.
Michelle L.
Pros and cons It is okay. ☺It is eas­i­er to com­mu­ni­cate to guest as a whole. ☹Guests tend to get “annoyed” by the texts and tend to opt out. 
Effi­cient and approach­able mul­ti-tasker’s dream Over­all the expe­ri­ence with Whis­tle has been great. The response time for our guest ser­vices is near-instan­ta­neous as we can now respond to requests or ques­tions while work­ing on some­thing else. ☺The best part of the Whis­tle soft­ware is its approach­a­bil­i­ty. By uti­liz­ing the tex­ting app on a guest’s phone, our guest ser­vices become just like they are tex­ting a friend. It is great to see guests progress dur­ing their stay from short, some­time point­ed com­mu­ni­ca­tion, to adding emo­jis! ☹At first, the dash­board was a bit clut­tered and there­fore there was a bit of a learn­ing curve. Nav­i­ga­tion became eas­i­er after some use. How­ev­er, I do wish there was more def­i­n­i­tion or con­trast in the dash­board. This would great­ly improve “quick-glance” ref­er­ence as often front desk staff is multi-tasking.
Jordan D.
Jor­dan D.

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