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Case Study | Lakehouse Inn

See how The Lake­house Inn is improv­ing guest expe­ri­ences and oper­a­tional effi­cien­cy with Whistle.


New features & improvements

We’re always lis­ten­ing and improv­ing. Here are this mon­th’s updates.

Upsell autofill

Now, when a guest receives your upsell link, the order form will aut­ofill the guest’s reser­va­tion details* from name to room number.


The Know­cross-Whis­tle inte­gra­tion is now proud­ly deployed at the Arlo Nomad and we look for­ward to serv­ing our cus­tomer base bet­ter together.

Upsell Order Analytics 

Get a 360• view of your upsell trends with upsell ana­lyt­ics and see Total Sales in Date Range, Aver­age Order Val­ue, Top Product(s), and Orders by Phase of Stay


More integrations, more automation

Great news! We are adding two new, full inte­gra­tions to stream­line your processes 

and opti­mize your guest experience.

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