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Whistle + RoomKeyPMS!

Integrated with your favorite tools, Whistle is the all-in-one to streamline front office operations.

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Whistle and RoomKeyPMS are integrated!

RoomKeyPMS provides a property management system (PMS) that gives independent hotels an advantage by making it easier to serve guests in a new touchless world, more affordable to provide the best guest experiences, increase revenue and reduce costs. With over 70,000 managed rooms across the US and Canada, RoomKeyPMS has proven themselves as a trusted hotel industry partner for almost 20 years. In addition to delivering a reliable, well-connected PMS, RoomKeyPMS pride themselves on superior customer service—their locally-based support team is made up of former hoteliers with a 92% satisfaction rating. For more information, please see our website at

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How It Works

Whistle Dashboard

Step 1

Overview of our capabilities, pricing and identifying your properties needs.

Whistle Dashboard

Step 2

Almost instant, integration with your property management system.

Whistle Dashboard

Step 3

Easy, quick, and stress-free training and onboarding.

Respond Faster. Communicate Better.


Multi-Channel Guest Messaging

Communicate with your guests through the channel they want.

Team Messaging

Streamline internal communication with direct messages or team messages.

Website Live Chat

Give your website visitors a convenient way to chat with your team.

Automated Messaging

Take the work out of arrival, mid-stay, and departure messaging!

Guest Surveys

Send surveys via messaging, collect and review results instantly.


Real-time translation for any guest from any part of the world, or even with your staff!

Analytics & Reporting

Robust in-app and email analytics with Sentiment Analysis, Team Activity, and more!

Machine Learning

Machine Learning & AI powering your Whistle system for a unique experience.

Voice Enablement

Seamless cross-channel guest communication.

Opt-In Engine

Industry leading engine for automated guest consent (opt-in/opt-out).

Automatic & Suggested Replies

Let our system do the work for you!