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If you're already using Cloudbeds for your PMS, adding Whistle is a no-brainer

Approximately 40% of hotel rooms are booked using a mobile device.  Five years ago, it was about 10%.  If you look at the data, guests are showing a strong preference for conducting all hotel interactions through their smartphone.  Not just booking a hotel room, but paying their bill, ordering room service, even notifying staff that they need more towels.   So the predicament we found ourselves in as a hotel operator was: How do we deliver a modern digital customer experience while maintaining a traditional hotel appearance? Whistle solves this issue because it takes the guest texting off the iPhone and puts it on the front desk computer.  Front desk staff are able to efficiently respond to guests' texts while appearing to guests to be on-task and in-service. Furthermore, with the Cloudbeds/Whistle integration, the management of the digital guest experience is even more seamless and easy to manage.  Guest phone numbers and stay dates are passed from Cloudbeds into Whistle so we can automate the entire process.  Text messages can be triggered at different points in their stay.  For example, 3-minutes after our front desk staff has changed the guest's status to IN-HOUSE, the guest receives text message making sure they like their room.  We don't even have to think about it.  We can also trigger texts to be sent at check-out to ask for a review. If you're already using Cloudbeds for your PMS, adding Whistle is a no-brainer.  It's the simplest and most efficient way to respond to the needs of the modern traveler.  Ask yourself this, "will guests be more likely to communicate via text message this upcoming year than in the previous year?"  The obvious answer is "yes."  So why not go with the obvious solution now

Brendam Bauman, Fieldhouse Jones