August 2019

Implementing Messaging For Your Hotel and Guests

The power of guest data from a PMS, and the convenience of an automated, personalized messaging platform, is a robust combination that is hard to beat.

In today’s con­nect­ed world, there are a pletho­ra of medi­ums fight­ing for your guests’ atten­tion. Third par­ties can often influ­ence and engage guests dur­ing a guest’s stay, but it’s ulti­mate­ly up to your hotel to ensure your guests are tak­en care of around the clock. By imple­ment­ing a Guest Mes­sag­ing Plat­form (GMP), your hotel can once again become the guest’s main point of con­tact. Hote­liers have found that guest mes­sag­ing pro­vides them with expo­nen­tial lev­els of engage­ment and increas­es ser­vice recov­ery oppor­tu­ni­ties, both of which result in high­er guest satisfaction.

An integrated experience

The opti­mal Guest Mes­sag­ing Plat­forms for your hotel should include an inte­gra­tion with your Prop­er­ty Man­age­ment Sys­tems (PMS). Inte­gra­tion part­ners pro­vide a seam­less expe­ri­ence for both your hotel and your guests. From guest recog­ni­tion, to con­sol­i­dat­ed pro­files and auto­mat­ed mes­sag­ing, an excel­lent Guest Mes­sag­ing Plat­form lever­ages its PMS part­ner and extends addi­tion­al func­tion­al­i­ty and tools to you.

Impactful engagement

By adopt­ing mes­sag­ing, you can be cer­tain that your hotel will begin inter­act­ing with a larg­er por­tion of your guests. 9 out of 10 con­sumers glob­al­ly want to use mes­sag­ing to talk to busi­ness­es, and your hotel is no exception!

It’s easy! — Mes­sag­ing is intu­itive and pre­ferred by your guests and your staff.

It’s man­age­able! — Your team can inter­act with 3–5x more guests through mes­sag­ing than any oth­er chan­nel (e.g. phone calls, in-person).

It’s always avail­able! — Guests can send and receive mes­sages wher­ev­er they may be.

Service recovery

Hote­liers live to please, so it’s unbe­liev­ably frus­trat­ing when guests don’t give you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to right a wrong. On the high end, reports sug­gest that only one out of every 26 unhap­py guests actu­al­ly file a com­plaint. Often times, guests want to for­go the has­sle of a face-to-face con­flict or fil­ing a for­mal com­plaint; oth­er times, they find it eas­i­er to leave you a poor online or sur­vey review. 


Thank­ful­ly, mes­sag­ing pro­vides the infor­mal com­mu­ni­ca­tion chan­nel that breaks down this bar­ri­er, and gives your hotel more oppor­tu­ni­ties to ful­ly sat­is­fy your guests. By using mes­sag­ing, some hotels see up to a 24% increase in ser­vice recov­ery oppor­tu­ni­ties, and as a result, upwards to 15% increas­es in their guest ser­vice scores.

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