Conversational Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality Comes to Life!

For the past year, Whistle has been busy building its very own, in-house Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) model. Our team has been meticulously creating data analyses algorithms and a strong classification program, with predictions in the 80%+ range across the board in every category.

Hospitality is a notoriously difficult industry to tackle, but Whistle has successfully applied its Conversational AI / ML model to all departments. This includes: Concierge, Engineering, Housekeeping, Front Office, Spa, F&B, Security, and more!

With Whistle’s new AI / ML introductions, the application now understands guests’ questions and requests, or ‘guest intents’. With this knowledge, Whistle can suggest or automatically prompt the appropriate response back to the guest, and even auto-prompt service requests and work orders to internal departments.

Whistle’s AI / ML model continues to evolve, even more-so with direct user input and feedback. The team aims to surpass the 90%+ confidence levels over the course of the next few months.