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Whistle is the leading hospitality communication platform.
Engage your guests, enhance customers service.

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What is Whistle?

Whistle gives hotels the ability to have real-time SMS & mobile message communication with guests.
Improve your overall service, guest engagement, and streamline internal communication with our web dashboard and mobile app.

How It Works

Guests message your hotel pre, during, and post-stay

Using any popular messaging app or SMS, just like with their friends and family

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Personalized communication that's sure to bring a smile to any traveler. Learn how Whistle is helping boost scores and enhance service

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Learn how Whistle benefits hotels

Improve Your Service Scores, Ratings & Reviews

Hotel Guests ❤️ Whistle


Whistle's easy, affordable technology provides personalized, memorable
guest experiences that improve ratings and reviews.

"We use ‘Whistle’ to communicate to our guests pre/during/post stay via messaging which presents us with another platform of outreach for our guests. Our guests love it and have had only great feedback."

Your guests don't want to be on hold, let them message you.

Messaging is now the preferred method of communication, use this non-invasive channel to streamline:

  • Room Ready Notifications
  • Welcome Messages
  • Reminders
  • Customer Service Issues
  • General Questions/ Inquiries
  • And Much, Much More!

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Whistle is designed for companies interested in a pre-emptive solution to negative comments on review sites and social media. Whistle is also great for businesses seeking additional channels to engage customers and business leads.